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Expert Repair and Restoration of Tube Radio & Amplification
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     Guitar Amps & Guitars


I will bring your Fender, Marshall, Peavey, Orange or other classic tube amp back to spec, and restore the original sound.

I offer straight forward repairs & restorations, but will also source and supply specialized capacitors based on your personal tuning requirements.

I avoid cheap Chinese tubes and supply genuine NOS, unless you request otherwise.

I can also offer custom work, such as bias tuning, and other modifications.

     Tube Radios

I service and restore old tube radios, and bring them back to full working order, and make them electrically safe replacing all old capacitors, power cords, and other required parts where needed.

I am able to source missing knobs, trims, dials, and other parts to complete a restoration.

     New Old Stock Tubes

I have on stock over 1500 NOS (new old stock) tubes, and can find replacements for most parts if damaged.

I can also source specific or rare tubes if you know what you want.